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JEWEL THIEVES – Secretly do their job. Could be used as a “sneaking around” piece. (2:05)

Jewel Thieves


THE CONCRETE BAKES – It’s summer in the city. (1:31)

The Concrete Bakes


THE JAZZ MAN – defies the sand man as he plays into the wee hours of the morning. (1:39)

The Jazz Man


STAGE DOOR – Venturing out into the moonlit concrete after closing. (1:27)

Stage Door


HONG KONG MIDNIGHT – Might work in an intro scene of some kind. (1:02)

Hong Kong Midnight


SLICK STREETS – In a moonlit urban jungle. (1:31)

Slick Streets


WANDERING THE STREETS – In the middle of the night. (1:39)

Wandering the Streets


DELIVERING THE GOODS – Might work in a nighttime crime piece…maybe a caper. Suggests danger, but with touch of retro-80s mixed in to keep it from being too serious. (2:18)

Delivering the Goods


10 PAST MIDNIGHT – A mellow, jazzy little nighttime piece. I’d love to see this used in an urban-based game. (1:48)

10 Past Midnight


CITY MOON – The full moon peeks at you between buildings as you journey through the night. (2:03)

City Moon


MOONLIT STREETS – Cold blue moonlight bathes the deserted streets as creatures of the night lurk about. (1:44)

Moonlit Streets


WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS – A good piece for someone getting up to something in the middle of the night. (1:41)

While the City Sleeps


WINTER ALLEYS – A sad little piano piece. (1:34)

Winter Alleys


STILL OF NIGHT – A quiet, mellow piece depicting a city at night. (1:46)

Still of Night


THE STREETS OF MUMBAI – Surrounded by hustle and bustle, yet still alone. Could also be expanded to use in a fantasy game of some kind. (1:31)

The Streets of Mumbai


A WALK THROUGH THE CITY – Meandering through narrow streets…so much fascination…and sadness…all in one place. (1:15)

A Walk Through the City


INNER CITY – A sad piece reflecting poverty stricken neighborhoods. (1:01)

Inner City


SODIUM VAPOR – Dirty orange lights cast strange shadows as you drive through the city. This piece is just slightly uneven and unpredictable, creating a quiet tension. (1:48)

Sodium Vapor


2AM – A cool nighttime city driving piece. (1:20)



ANOTHER DAY IN METROPOLIS – A retro “hustle and bustle” piece, 50’s style. Could work for historical documentaries using archival urban footage. (00:47)

Another Day in Metropolis


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