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This site contains my original music, sound effects and images which you are welcome to use in your projects with proper attribution. (Please scroll down for info on how to attribute me.)

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The Meditative Coast – 30 mins.

I find being by the sea to be incredibly meditative…and a helpful way to “decompress” from our frantic, stressed-out world.  If you feel the need to decompress, give it a try. Personally, I find shooting videos like this to be just as meditative as watching them.


I’ve been shooting and creating interesting texture images that might be useful in your games, videos, animations or anything else you can think of. The images live on new pages that are labeled “TXR.” (They appear at the bottom of the page menu.)  Feel free to edit them, combine them with other images or anything you like!  🙂


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working hard creating looping versions of as many tracks as possible…I hope they are helpful!


In order to keep the new TXR pages grouped together, I’ve had to move around a few music pages, so…

The “UPBEAT” page is now the “POSITIVE / UPBEAT” page.

The “URBAN” pages are now “CITY / URBAN.”

If you have any problems finding anything, just drop me an email.


More and more people are asking if I do custom tracks. The answer is yes! And at very low cost…(most people are surprised at how affordable it is.) If you need something special created for your project, just send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.  🙂

The music, soundscapes, sound effects and texture images on this site are all original (created by me) and are free to use for both non-commercial projects (projects not intended to make money) as well as commercial projects (projects intended to make money.)

IMPORTANT: You must properly attribute me in order to use my music and images legally:

You must attribute me in the actual video, game, interactive novel, etc.…not merely on the Youtube or game info page.


If you are using only my music/sound fx, and not that of another artist(s) then your credits screen in your video or game needs to say:

Music (and/or Sound Effects) by Eric Matyas


If you are using my music/sound effects as well as those of another artist(s) then you need to identify which tracks (and/or sound effects) are mine and credit me, for example:

“Invasion of the Giant Disco Ants”

“Too Quiet”


by Eric Matyas


If cannot or do not wish to attribute me, then you will need to purchase a non-attribution license from me for $30/track.


Please list my name and website in the assets credits screen of your game under “Texture Images.”


Donations help me pay for the site.  Any amount you can manage is greatly appreciated.

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How do I download your music?

To download any given piece of music to your computer, simply right-click on the link under its player and choose “save link as” or “save target as” depending on your browser. Then choose the location on your system where you would like to save it.

Can I alter your music?

Yes, you may alter it any way you like, but you must still attribute the original piece to me in your credits.

Can you alter your music for me?

I would be happy to customize my music for your project for a donation. Donations help me pay for this site. Feel free to contact me at ematyas@aol.com.

What if I can’t attribute you?

You will need to contact me for a non-attribution license. They are $30/track.

Can you score my project for me?

I would be happy to create original music for you. Contact me at ematyas@aol.com.

What license does your music fall under?

My license is exactly the same as CC by Attribution 4.0 with one restriction: The use of my music in any media that violates Youtube community standards is prohibited. In other words, you can’t use my music in obscene material. Please see my “About” page for the full license.

Prohibited Uses

The use of my music or images in any media that violates Youtube community standards is prohibited. In other words, you can’t use my music in obscene material.

How can I donate?

Donation links through PayPal are located toward the bottom of each page. Donations can be any amount and are greatly appreciated. They help me to pay for this site.


Feel free to email me anytime at:


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