Fantasy 6

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MAGIC CLOCK SHOP (LOOPING) – A looping version of the original. (:51)  Royalty-Free.

Magic Clock Shop_Looping


AWKWARD PRINCESS’S DAY OUT – Maybe her first day out in town. (1:35)  Royalty-Free.

Awkward Princess’s Day Out

Awkward Princess’s Day Out_Looping


ONCE AROUND THE KINGDOM – A fantasy version of “Once Around the Solar System.” Could work in an RPG or fantasy game behind a title screen or maybe background exposition. (1:45)  Royalty-Free.

Once Around the Kingdom

Once Around the Kingdom_Looping


TIMELESS STORY (LOOPING) – Might be nice behind an RPG title or menu screen. Has a slight retro feel. (00:34)  Royalty-Free.

Timeless Story


THEIR SECRET WORLD – Might work under the title pages of an RPG…or perhaps at the end as a final closing track. (1:06)  Royalty-Free.

Their Secret World

Their Secret World_Looping


THE SECRET VILLAGE – Dappled in streaming rays of sunshine, deep in a mystical forest. (1:29)  Royalty-Free.

The Secret Village


CLOCK MAKER THE HERO – A variation of another theme. Might be nice in a fantasy game. (1:34)  Royalty-Free.

Clock Maker the Hero

Clock Maker the Hero_Looping


ENCHANTED PLACES – Perhaps in an RPG? (1:12)  Royalty-Free.

Enchanted Places

Enchanted Places_Looping


MYSTICAL OPEN – Might be nice under the opening credits of a fantasy game. (00:57)  Royalty-Free.

Mystical Open


THEIR SACRED PLACE – Through the mist we come upon it. (1:31)  Royalty-Free.

Their Sacred Place


SOME FAR AWAY PLACE – in a fantasy world. (2:27)  Royalty-Free.

Some Far Away Place_v001

Some Faraway Place_Looping


DREAMY GAME MENU – Might be nice in a fantasy game…maybe under the set-up/instruction screens. (1:50)  Royalty-Free.

Dreamy Game Menu

Dreamy Game Menu_Looping


THE IDOL – Waiting to be discovered on a mystical island. (2:06)  Royalty-Free.

The Idol

The Idol_Looping


SECRET SEA CAVE – What secrets await inside? (1:26)  Royalty-Free.

Secret Sea Cave

Secret Sea Cave_Looping


ANALOG HERO – Might work in a retro-80’s arcade style game. (1:49)  Royalty-Free.

Analog Hero

Analog Hero_Looping


FOREST CHASE – All was not well in the kingdom. Might be nice in an RPG or fantasy game. (1:19)  Royalty-Free.

Forest Chase

Forest Chase_Looping


THE PRINCESS HAUNTED – by someone from her past? (2:09)  Royalty-Free.

The Princess Haunted

The Princess Haunted_Looping


MAGICAL DISCOVERY – somewhere in a fantasy world. (1:21)  Royalty-Free.

Magical Discovery


DREAMING IN PUZZLES – might work in a puzzle or fantasy game. (2:11)  Royalty-Free.

Dreaming in Puzzles

Dreaming in Puzzles_Looping


KINGDOM OF LOST DREAMS – might be nice in an RPG or fantasy game. (2:09)  Royalty-Free.

Kingdom of Lost Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams_Looping


SURFING THE JET STREAM – on futuristic boogie boards. (2:24)  Royalty-Free.

Surfing the Jet Stream


MISTY FOREST – in some faraway place. (1:34)  Royalty-Free.

Misty Forest

Misty Forest_Looping


EXOTIC ISLAND – lost somewhere in a fantasy world. (1:19)  Royalty-Free.

Exotic Island

Exotic Island_Looping