Funny 5

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THE PLASTERED PELICAN BAR AND GRILLE – Filled with an assortment of rowdy birds, this dockside bar is quite a spectacle on Friday nights. Come to think of it, it’s a spectacle on any night. (1:41) Royalty-free.

The Plastered Pelican Bar and Grille

The Plastered Pelican Bar and Grille_Looping


THE MONSTER FACTORY – What are they making in there?? πŸ˜‰ (1:30) Royalty-Free.

The Monster Factory

The Monster Factory_Looping


FISHBOWL ACROBATICS – (Looping) – A sweet little piece that might work in a cute game. The “Sequel to Fishbowl Circus.” (1:10) Royalty-Free.

Fishbowl Acrobatics


STRANGE WORLD – (Looping) – Maybe for a game with weird comical creatures? (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Strange World


PLASTERED BY LUNCH TIME – They stumble out of the bar, their bellies sloshing with beer, and head back to work….if they can find their way back to work…lol.Β  (1:05.)

Plastered by Lunch Time


QUIRKY CRAWLERS – (Looping) – Might be fun in some kind of subterranean game or app involving strange little creatures. (1:30) Royalty-Free.

Quirky Crawlers


FREAKY FUNKIN’ – (Looping) – Maybe in a quirky urban-based game? (1:12) Royalty-Free.

Freaky Funkin


THE GREAT PARIS COOKIE HEIST – Someone should make a game about this…I’d play it. (1:01) Royalty-Free.

The Great Paris Cookie Heist

The Great Paris Cookie Heist_Looping


ME, CAVE MAN! – (Looping) – A humorous little percussion piece that might work in a cartoon-y game. (:39) Royalty-Free.

Me Cave Man


PINT-SIZED VIKINGS – (Looping) – Okay, I couldn’t resist. Another humorous little percussion piece that might work in a cartoon-y game. (:26) Royalty-Free.

Pint-Sized Vikings


ARCADE MADNESS – (Looping) – Where crazed teenagers pumped quarters into hungry machines. Ah, the good old days! Anyhow, this might work in a funny game…maybe a 2D one with quirky sprite characters running around. πŸ™‚ (1:02) Royalty-Free.

Arcade Madness


KITTEN COMBAT – Maybe for a funny cat video? I’ve also included a looping version that might be fun in a humorous game. (:40) Royalty-Free.

Kitten combat

Kitten combat_Looping


ARCADE GOOFBALLS – (Looping) – Together, as always…on their way to (where else?) Might be useful in a humorous scene…or maybe in a quirky game of some kind. (1:04) Royalty-Free.

Arcade Goofballs


GROOVIN’ IN THE SEWER – (Looping) – Maybe for a weird underground game? Something with squishy monsters? (1:13) Royalty-Free.

Groovin’ in the Sewer


QUIRKY COUNTDOWN – (Looping) – For a weird puzzle game maybe? (1:28) Royalty-Free.

Quirky Countdown