Funny 4

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CAT BURGLARS – (Looping) – Might be fun in a comical crime-based game. (:25) Royalty-Free.

Cat Burglars


THE DRUNK PELICAN DUET – This is what happens when 1) you hire a couple of pelicans to play drums and accordion outside your dockside restaurant, and 2) you let them drink before the gig. (1:15) Royalty-Free.

The Drunk Pelican Duet


MOUSING BEHIND THE CAFE – (Looping) – While oblivious patrons chat at outdoor tables, the resident cat and mouse engage in their usual chaos in the kitchen and alley out back. Flying leaps…crashing dishes…and a never-ending stream of obscenities from the chef.  My kind of place. (:38) Royalty-Free.

Mousing Behind the Cafe


STRANGE TOY TRAINS – (Looping) – Chugging around like mad. Maybe useful in a whimsical game or app. (:45) Royalty-Free.

Strange Toy Trains


THE CRAZY CHEF – (Looping) – Running around his crazy kitchen. Might be fun in a humorous lighthearted game. (:55) Royalty-Free.

The Crazy Chef


THE FISHBOWL CIRCUS RETURNS – (Looping) – Maybe Cirque du Soleil style? Might be a good companion piece to “Fishbowl Circus” (scroll down.) Perhaps useful in a quirky puzzle game or maybe something else? (:52) Royalty-Free.

The Fishbowl Circus Returns


SODA POP FACTORY – (Looping) – Chugging away…cranking out the cola. Might be fun in a quirky game of some kind. (1:06) Royalty-Free.

Soda Pop Factory


THE HAPPY LUSH – (Looping) – You don’t see many games about being intoxicated…(I guess because it’s much more fun to do in real life haha)…but here’s a weird little piece in that spirit just for fun. It definitely falls under the “I’d be interested to see who can do something with this” category. 😉

The Happy Lush


CAPED CRUSADER CAT – (Looping) – Fighting crime in Catropolis. (1:03) Royalty-Free.

Caped Crusader Cat


THE SQUISHY MONSTERS FUNK ROCK BAND – (Looping) – Other people write pretty music on Christmas day…I write this. I must need help. 😉  (:44) Royalty-Free.

The Squishy Monsters Funk Rock Band


FUNKY SEWER WORKS – (Looping)I’d love to see someone come up with a really quirky game or app for this piece. (1:35) Royalty-Free.

Funky Sewer Works


BEWARE OF THE BLOB – (Looping) – Could be funny is a humorous monster game of some kind…maybe something that takes place in the sewers or underground. (1:04) Royalty-Free.

Beware of the Blob


GALACTIC CRANKS – (Looping) – Depicts a couple of grumpy space monsters who have been stuck together roaming the universe for billions of years. Might be useful under titles or menu screens. (:46) Royalty-Free.

Galactic Cranks


SPACE CHICKENS FROM THE 70s – (Looping) – Definitely falls into the “weird” category. Might be humorous in a quirky app of some kind. (:48) Royalty-Free.

Space Chickens from the 70s


SNEAKY SNEAKY – (Looping) – A little string piece for…hmm…some kind of sneaky bit? (00:27) Royalty-Free.

Sneaky Sneaky


FISHBOWL CIRCUS – (Looping) – Might be fun in a quirky app or maybe a puzzle game. (1:04) Royalty-Free.

Fishbowl Circus


WHIMSICAL GAME WORLD – (Looping) – Another one that might work in a quirky game. 🙂 (1:11) Royalty-Free.

Whimsical Game World


INSERT PEPTO – (Looping) – Maybe for a slower-paced whimsical game? (:50) Royalty-Free.

Insert Pepto


CANDY RUSH – (Looping) – Might come in handy in a humorous candy-themed game/app or perhaps some other quirky thing. (:28) Royalty-Free.

Candy Rush