Custom Work

If you need some original music or sound effects custom created for your project, I do this at very low cost….most people are actually surprised at how affordable it is.  🙂

Here’s a brief list of some of the projects I’ve scored. Most are indie games:

“World’s Dawn” by Wayward Prophet

“Sol 705”  by Pat Land

“Changeling”  (A Visual Novel)  – Steamberry Studios

“Akuatica”  by Tianyu Studio

“Color Fill” –  Grand Line Studios

“Ladder Up” – Grand Line Studios

“Esper – Make You Live Again” ( A Kinetic Novel) by Nicolas Mrozik

“Smart Show 3D” – Commissioned to create music tracks that are bundled with their software.

Currently working on:

“Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale” by Blake Price

“Howl” (In early development) by Ben Witruk

Feel free to contact me at: