Chiptunes 2

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PIXEL MADNESS – (Looping) – What do you get when a bunch of crazy 8-bit characters are on the loose? Pixel Madness! (1:09) Royalty-Free.

Pixel Madness


THE ARCADE SPACEMAN – (Looping) – In the year 20 billion! …Okay, maybe 1982. …Anyhow, this might be fun in a space game or app. (:29) Royalty-Free.

The Arcade Spaceman


CARNIVAL GAMES – (Looping) – Maybe for a quirky puzzle game with a carnival theme? Or something else? Sort of has a chiptunes feel. (1:07) Royalty-Free.

Carnival Games


PAPER ROUTE – (Looping) – A bouncy, upbeat little piece that might work for all kinds of pixel-related things…and maybe other stuff too.  (1:05) Royalty-Free.

Paper Route


THE BIT BUILDERS – (Looping) – Maybe for a game where you have to build something? (1:18) Royalty-Free.

The Bit Builders


ROCKIN’ PONG – (Looping) – Okay, it’s not a rock beat…but it rhymes. Gotta love the ’70s guitar licks. 😉  (:27) Royalty-Free.

Rockin’ Pong


PIXEL PARTY – (Looping) – Nothing too wild here…just a good-natured get together of friends…maybe to celebrate a birthday, graduation or something else. Could probably be used in puzzle games, too. 🙂  (1:12) Royalty-Free.

Pixel Party


PIXELIN’ IT AROUND TOWN – (Looping) – An upbeat carefree sounding piece. (1:18) Royalty-Free.

Pixelin’ It Around Town


ARCADE DRAMA – (Looping) – A fun music bed that could work under a 2D action game or maybe a puzzle game. (1:33) Royalty-Free.

Arcade Drama


ARCADE DRAMA 2 – (Looping) – This piece has a melody line partially based on “Into Battle” from my Epic/Battle page. (1:37) Royalty-Free.

Arcade Drama 2


PIXEL QUIRK – (Looping) – This is another one that falls under the “I wonder what someone could do with this piece” category. (1:00) Royalty-Free.

Pixel Quirk