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OUR MOUNTAIN_v003 – An expanded version of the original that might work in an RPG under opening titles or perhaps somewhere else. (1:19) #Royalty-Free.

Our Mountain_v003

Our Mountain_v003_Looping


NETHERPLACE – Another RPG theme. (1:37)Β  #Royalty-Free.




GAME MENU – Could be looped to use under a menu, game instructions, etc. Or maybe for something completely different. (1:41)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Game Menu

Game Menu_Looping


FANTASY GAME BACKGROUND – Intended for a game, but could just as well be used in a film, video or presentation. (00:58)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Fantasy Game Background

Fantasy Game Background_Looping


PUZZLE GAME – Might work in a puzzle game, fantasy game, animation or something I haven’t even thought of.Β  (2:51)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game_Looping


FANTASCAPE – Good background music for a fantasy game…very dreamy and escapist. (3:41)Β  #Royalty-Free.




CITY BENEATH THE WAVES – Out of the murky blue, it emerges…unlike anything ever seen before. Might work in a fantasy piece, a game, or even a nature doc. (1:52)Β  #Royalty-Free.

City Beneath the Waves

City Beneath the Waves_Looping


CITY BENEATH THE WAVES_v001 – I added underwater ambience for a more immersive sound…no pun intended. πŸ˜‰Β  (1:52)Β  #Royalty-Free

City Beneath the Waves_v001


MISTY BOG – Could work in a fantasy game or film. (00:59)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Misty Bog

Misty Bog_Looping


BOG CREATURES ON THE MOVE – Follow-up to “Misty Bog” (1:08)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Bog Creatures On the Move

Bog Creatures on the Move_Looping


LOST JUNGLE – Might work in a game, animation or nature video. Could also be looped. (00:50)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Lost Jungle

Lost Jungle_Looping


MAGIC CLOCK SHOP – Could work in a fantasy piece, an animation or in a time passing montage of some kind. (1:01)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Magic Clock Shop

Magic Clock Shop_Looping


SURREAL CHASE – Quirky, strange and weirdly humorous…might work in an animation or bizarre dream sequence. (1:05)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Surreal Chase

Surreal Chase_Looping


MAGIC OCEAN – Could work nicely in a fantasy game, nature doc, etc. (1:15)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Magic Ocean

Magic Ocean_Looping


MAGIC OCEAN_v001 – Added ocean ambience. Could work nicely in a fantasy game, nature doc, etc. (1:15)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Magic Ocean_v001

Magic Ocean_v001_Looping


CLIPPITY CLOP – A quirky little piece that might work well in animation or a game. Could also be called “Clippity Clock.” (1:50)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Clippity Clop

Clippity Clop_Looping


SOME DREAMY PLACE – Depicts a glistening fantasy world. (1:31)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Some Dreamy Place

Some Dreamy Place_Looping


BEDTIME STORY – Could work as a transitional piece into a child’s dream. (1:11)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story_Looping


STRANGE PHENOMENON – Strange and mysterious things are happening. (1:17)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Strange Phenomenon

Strange Phenomenon_Looping


GENTLE CLOSURE – Little ending piece. Might work in a game or animation. (00:29)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Gentle Closure

Gentle Closure_Looping


WINDING DOWN – Another ending piece, perhaps for a game or animation. (00:27)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Winding Down

Winding Down_Looping


MOONLIGHT FLYING – In some dreamy piece. (1:32)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Moonlight Flying

Moonlight Flying_Looping


DOWNDRAFT – Cool, downward sweep…good for a game. (00:32)Β  #Royalty-Free.



UPDRAFT – Cool, upward sweep…good for a game. (00:36)Β  #Royalty-Free.



SPELL’S A BREWIN’ – What are those goblins cooking up in their kitchen? πŸ˜‰ (1:21)Β  #Royalty-Free.

Spell’s a Brewin’

Spell’s a Brewin’_Looping

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