Introspective / Emotions

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MORE TOUGH CHOICES – Another internal “thinking it over” piece. More melodic than the original. (2:18)  Royalty-Free.

More Tough Choices


ON THINGS TO COME – in an uncertain future. (1:42)  Royalty-Free.

On Things to Come

On Things to Come_Looping


96 BLOCKS – A very long walk through the city takes you past countless stories unfolding on street corners, apartment house steps, alleys and other places. Sometimes it helps you clear your head. Sometimes it does just the opposite. (2:02)  Royalty-Free.

96 Blocks


AUTUMN CHANGES – As the chilly autumn wind whisks summer away, a chapter closes in our lives as another one begins. (1:57)  Royalty-Free.

Autumn Changes


IMPOSSIBLE DECISION – Quietly pondering difficult choices. (1:24)  Royalty-Free.

Impossible Decision


DRINKING ALONE – Could work perhaps in a “cross-roads” kind of scene where a character has to make a hard choice…or a scene about loss, or a contemplative scene…or maybe something else. (1:08)  Royalty-Free.

Drinking Alone

Drinking Alone_Looping


INTROSPECTION – A simple, bluesy little piano piece. Might work in an urban drama. (1:13)  Royalty-Free.



SPACE FOR THOUGHT – An introspective piano piece. (1:45)  Royalty-Free.

Space for Thought


ANOTHER GOODBYE – A quiet, insulated feeling piece. (1:00)  Royalty-Free.

Another Goodbye


TOUGH CHOICES – An internal “thinking it over” piece. (1:38)  Royalty-Free.

Tough Choices


DEVASTATION – Could depict physical aftermath or interior psychological. (1:14)  Royalty-Free.




ISOLATION – A quiet, lonely little piano piece. (00:48)  Royalty-Free.




REALIZATION – Moment of eye opening realization, when something suddenly becomes crystal clear. (1:08)  Royalty-Free.



THINKING IT OVER – Good for pondering over something…turning it over in one’s mind again and again, trying to find a solution. (1:24)  Royalty-Free.

Thinking It Over


YOUNG MIND – Quirky piece depicting the possibilities of a brilliant young mind. (00:46)  Royalty-Free.

Young Mind

Young Mind_Looping


TORMENT – Could depict a troubled mind. Very insulated feeling. Could also work to depict under water devastation. (1:02)  Royalty-Free.




BOOK END – A chapter in a life closes. Time to move on. (1:14)  Royalty-Free.

Book End


HIMALAYAN MIND – Losing oneself in something enormous. (1:42)  Royalty-Free.

Himalayan Mind

Himalayan Mind_Looping


TECHNO ISOLATION – Alone, at the highest point on Earth, cut off from the grid. (1:00)  Royalty-Free.

Techno Isolation


DECISIONS – Thinking things over while the city sleeps. (1:04)  Royalty-Free.




LOW POINT – Could be used for an “all-is-lost” moment. (00:50)  Royalty-Free.

Low Point

Low Point_Looping


MAGIC MOMENT – Very short piece to underscore just that. (00:29)  Royalty-Free.

Magic Moment


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