Action 2

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DESERT MAYHEM – (Looping) Maybe in some strange, alien place. (1:02) Royalty-Free.

Desert Mayhem


CROSS COUNTRY IN A CONVERTIBLE – (Looping) – For a breezy, fun racing game maybe? (1:08) Royalty-Free.

Cross Country in a Convertible


CROSS COUNTRY IN A CONVERTIBLE 2 – (Looping) – Another version for a breezy, fun racing game maybe? (1:47) Royalty-Free.

Cross Country in a Convertible 2


URBAN ASSAULT – (Looping) – Perhaps for a door-to-door kind of situation. (1:01) Royalty-Free.

Urban Assault


STREET CHAOS – (Looping) – Might be useful in a street fighting game where it’s absolute mayhem. (:34) Royalty-Free.

Street Chaos


FANTASY RACING GAME MENU – (Looping) – Choose your vehicle…choose your course… (:27) Royalty-Free.

Fantasy Racing Game Menu


CAPTAIN BAD ASS – (Looping) – On one of his bad ass adventures. Has a sharp-sounding rhythm that might be cool in a gritty action game of some kind. (1:04) Royalty-Free.

Captain Badass


CAPTAIN BAD ASS 2 (Looping) – Features a higher register. Not quite as bad ass. (1:04) Royalty-Free.

Captain Badass 2


CAPTAIN BAD ASS 3 (Looping) – Features a more upbeat chord progression. Might work for positive moments.  (:38) Royalty-Free.

Captain Badass 3


WILD WEST COAST RACING – (Looping) In a convertible? Or maybe something else? This piece is slightly unpredictable to underscore high spirited racing mayhem.  (1:25) Royalty-Free.

Wild West Coast Racing


MECH STREET FIGHTERS – (Looping) – Could be cool in a grungy street fighting game…or maybe something with really bad-ass robots. Can create variations for more levels if needed.  (00:47) Royalty-Free.

Mech Street Fighters


GUITAR MAYHEM – (LOOPING) – These tracks might be useful in an extreme sports videos, drone racing videos or an action games. (1:16)

Guitar Mayhem


GUITAR MAYHEM 2 – (LOOPING) – (:46) Royalty-Free.

Guitar Mayhem 2


GUITAR MAYHEM 3 – (LOOPING) –  (:28) Royalty-Free.

Guitar Mayhem 3


GUITAR MAYHEM 4 – (LOOPING) –  (:48) Royalty-Free.

Guitar Mayhem 4


GUITAR MAYHEM 5 – (LOOPING) – More key changes…more mayhem! (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Guitar Mayhem 5


GUITAR MAYHEM 6 – (LOOPING) – (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Guitar Mayhem 6


GUITAR MAYHEM 7 – (LOOPING) – (:57) Royalty-Free.

Guitar Mayhem 7


MORE CRAZY RACES – (LOOPING) – Maybe useful in a funny racing game? (1:11) Royalty-Free.

More Crazy Races


QUIRKY ACTION – (LOOPING) – Might be fun in a humorous action-driven game or app. (:34) Royalty-Free.

Quirky Action


QUIRKY ACTION 2 – (LOOPING) – A variation of above. (:34) Royalty-Free.

Quirky Action 2