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CAR THEFT 101 – (LOOPING) – From the hit reality show “How to Steal Cars.” (Just kidding…but it wouldn’t surprise me to see something like that pop up on cable somewhere.) Anyhow, this might be useful in a street game. (00:50) Royalty-Free.

Car Theft 101


NIGHTTIME ESCAPE – (LOOPING) – I’d love to hear this in an urban-themed game. (00:56) Royalty-Free.

Nighttime Escape


GRUNGE STREET GAME – (Looping)  Might work under a fighting level. (:52) Royalty-Free.

Grunge Street Game


RETRO FRANTIC_V001_LOOPING – A new, rezzier version of the original. (2:20) Royalty- Free.

Retro Frantic_v001_Looping


FRANTIC GAME PLAY – (Looping) – a wacky loop that might work in a crazy driving game or maybe a first person running around type of game. (00:40) Royalty-Free.

Frantic Gameplay


COOL ADVENTURE INTRO – (Looping) – Might be fun under titles/menus for an upbeat game. (00:34) Royalty-Free.

Cool Adventure Intro


RACING MENU – (Looping)Choose your car…choose your course… (00:15) Royalty-Free.

Racing Menu


ESCAPE – Could be nice in a dystopic project. (2:16) Royalty-Free.




STREET MAYHEM – Could work for a street fighting game of some kind. Could also be funny in a martial arts satire. (1:56) Royalty-Free.

Street Mayhem

Street Mayhem_Looping


TECHNO GAMEPLAY – Might work in a sci-fi game. (2:48) Royalty-Free.

Techno Gameplay

Techno Gameplay_Looping


SURREAL CHASE – Quirky, strange and weirdly humorous…might work in an animation or bizarre dream sequence. (1:05) Royalty-Free.

Surreal Chase

Surreal Chase_Looping


STEAMTECH MAYHEM – Quiet, frantic, wispy techno piece. (1:32) Royalty-Free.

Steamtech Mayhem

Steamtech Mayhem_Looping


MONSTERS IN BELL BOTTOMS – Could be fun for game play, although I suspect that listening to it for too long might be detrimental to one’s sanity. Might also work for some kind of ’70s parody piece. (2:33) Royalty-Free.

Monsters in Bell Bottoms

Monsters in Bell Bottoms_Looping


FUNKY GAMEPLAY – With a heart-pounding rhythm, this piece could work in a quirky fantasy-action game of some kind. (2:16) Royalty-Free.

Funky Gameplay_v001

Funky Gameplay_Looping


RPG BATTLE CLIMAX – The start of a series of battle pieces…(of course I begin at the end….typical.) A work in progress. (1:09) Royalty-Free.

RPG Battle Climax


RETRO FRANTIC – Could work in a retro-80’s 2D game. I think it could be very funny in a karate or fighting game. Key changes start at :47. (2:32) Royalty-Free.

Retro Frantic

Retro Frantic_Looping


SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE – For a sci-fi game maybe? (1:34) Royalty-Free.

Self Destruct Sequence


TECHNO CAPER – Could be humorous in a light hearted high-tech crime game/film. (1:52) Royalty-Free.

Techno Caper


INSANE GAME PLAY – Might be fun in a quirky action game. Could easily be expanded…let me know. (1:17) Royalty-Free.

Insane Gameplay

Insane Gameplay_Looping


MAD SCIENTIST – Chasing you around his la-bor-a-tory because YOU’RE the experiment. (1:28) Royalty-Free.

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist_Looping


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