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I’ve had a lot of requests for chiptunes style music so here are some tracks to get you started. All of them loop seamlessly. I hope some of them are helpful.

ARCADE HEROES – Might be useful for the opening titles of a retro 80’s game.

Arcade Heroes


INKY AND BLINKY’S BAND – I always wondered what those guys got up to when they were off duty.

Inky and Blinky’s Band


PIXELVILLE – a general roaming around town kind of piece…especially if you happen to be made of pixels, are kind of cranky and live in a 2D game.



THE 8-BIT DIGGER – a basic downward tonal progression might be useful for a digging or tunneling game.

The 8-Bit Digger


UP THE LADDER – Maybe in a platform game?

Up the Ladder


8-BIT PUZZLER – Perhaps for when a player has to figure out something.

8-Bit Puzzler


CRANKY 2D CREATURES – Roaming around Flatland (or wherever they live.)

Cranky 2D Creatures


PIXEL ISLAND – Popular vacation spot for Cranky 2D Creatures (above.)

Pixel Island


8-BIT DRAMA – Hey, all kinds of things can go wrong in an 8-bit world.  😉

8-Bit Drama


PIXEL PUPPIES – could work in a cute kid’s game or app.

Pixel Puppies


THE 8-BIT MYSTERY – couldn’t really think of a name for this one.

The 8-Bit Mystery


8-BIT TECHNO – As performed by Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. So diverse!

8-Bit Techno