Dark / Ominous

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DARK THINGS – (Looping) – In the dead of night, something roams the deserted city streets. (:48) Royalty-Free.

Dark Things


DARK THINGS 2 – (Looping) – With an added texture. In the dead of night, something roams the deserted city streets. (:48) Royalty-Free.

Dark Things 2


MORE FREAKY THINGS THIS WAY COME – (Looping) – Probably for a sci-fi or horror game. (:48) Royalty-Free.

More Freaky Things This Way Come


SOMETHING FREAKY THIS WAY COMES – (Looping) – Maybe in a weird sci-game? Or something with monsters? Or something else?  (:54) Royalty-Free.

Something Freaky This Way Comes


INTO THE HAUNTED FOREST – Or perhaps somewhere else? Maybe a drafty castle?  (1:10) Royalty-Free.

Into the Haunted Forest

Into the Haunted Forest_Looping


STRANGENESS – (Looping) – A murky, discordant pad behind some ominous rhythms creates a weird sense of of quiet unease. (1:04)



THE RISE OF THE MECH BEINGS – (Looping) – They’re HERE! (:42) Royalty-Free.

The Rise of the Mech Beings


ARRIVAL – Oh crap. (:42) Royalty-Free.



THEY’RE CLOSING IN – Better run like hell! (00:55) Royalty-Free.

They’re Closing In

They’re Closing In_Looping


DRAFTY PLACES – Might work in a ghost story of some kind…or perhaps a mystery. (1:31) Royalty-Free.

Drafty Places

Drafty Places_Looping


HAZY DARKNESS – An eerie soundscape, possibly depicting disorientation of some kind. Or maybe something else. Feel free to edit as needed. (2:00) Royalty-Free.

Hazy Darkness

Hazy Darkness_Looping


SECRET TUNNELS – What’s going on down there? Sounds pretty unfriendly. (00:56) Royalty-Free.

Secret Tunnels


QUIET TENSION – A simple string piece. (1:28) Royalty-Free.

Quiet Tension


WALLED CITY OF DOOM – Sounds like some kind of mechanized torture city…blech! Not someplace I’d like to visit, but maybe someone can use this piece for something. (1:33) Royalty-Free.

Walled City of Doom

Walled City of Doom_Looping


CITY OF DREAD – Might work in a dystopic game or video. (2:49) Royalty-Free.

City of Dread

City of Dread_Looping


OMINOUS GOINGS-ON – Could be fun in a horror/suspense piece…or maybe in a game. Muah hah hah! Feel free to edit to suit your needs. (1:59) Royalty-Free.

Ominous Goings-On

Ominous Goings-On_Looping


DARKNESS APPROACHES – A quiet, uneasy tension as night creeps in. (2:07) Royalty-Free.

Darkness Appraoches

Darkness Approaches_Looping


DESERTED STREETS – The uneasy feeling of being at the wrong place at 3am. (00:58) Royalty-Free.

Deserted Streets

Deserted Streets_Looping


HORRIBLE REALIZATION – A short cue of just that. A little bit surreal. Might work in a horror piece. (00:32) Royalty-Free.

Horrible Realization


HAUNTED MIND – A short piece depicting a confused mind. (00:50) Royalty-Free.

Haunted Mind


OMINOUS PURSUIT – Pursued through deserted city streets. (A work in progress.) Needs work, but feel free to use it if it works for you. (1:14) Royalty-Free.

Ominous Pursuit

Ominous Pursuit_Looping


MONSTERS UNDERGROUND – What lurks below the concrete? (If you see a sewer cover move, you might want to run.)  😉 (1:28) Royalty-Free.

Monsters Underground


TOO QUIET – Another foreboding piece. Might work for horror, suspense, etc. (2:06) Royalty-Free.

Too Quiet


TIME RUNNING OUT – Slowly being pulled toward inevitable doom. (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Time Running Out


THE DARKNESS BELOW – A foreboding soundscape that could be used for all kinds of awful things. (1:40) Royalty-Free.

The Darkness Below

The Darkness Below_Looping


MONSTER STAKE OUT – Waiting for those sewer covers to start moving. 😉 (1:06) Royalty-Free.

Monster Stake Out

Monster Stake Out_Looping


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