Drama 2

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ANOMALIES ABOUND – (Looping) – Can the detective find a connection? I’d love to hear this in an interactive novel or mystery game. (:58) Royalty-Free.

Anomalies Abound


ANOTHER CASE FOR THE INSPECTOR – He walks the muddy ground in the English countryside. Not a clue to be found…until…  (1:26) Royalty-Free.

Another Case for the Inspector


CONFUSION AND CLARITY – Could work in an introspective scene. (1:24) Royalty-Free.

Confusion and Clarity

Confusion and Clarity_Looping


REGROUPING – and getting on with life. Might be nice in a coming-of-age story with a female protagonist. (1:22) Royalty-Free.



THE INSPECTOR ARRIVES – on a gray drizzly day in the English countryside. (1:24) Royalty-Free.

The Inspector Arrives

The Inspector Arrives_Looping


THE OLD PAROLEE – Struggling to adjust to life on the outside. Inspired by the James Whitmore character in “The Shawshank Redemption.” Might work in a scene depicting someone hitting rock bottom. (1:29) Royalty-Free.

The Old Parolee

The Old Parolee_Looping


THE RUNAWAY – Alone and scared, she makes her way through midnight shadows, across the vast concrete jungle. (1:45) Royalty-Free.

The Runaway

The Runaway_Looping


AUTUMN OF LIFE – for old men who play cards in front of their apartment building. (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Autumn of Life

Autumn of Life_Looping


ACROSS THE DESOLATE SOUTHWEST – and running out of water. (1:21) Royalty-Free.

Across the Desolate Southwest


BACK ON YOUR FEET – a simple, quietly uplifting piano piece. (1:28) Royalty-Free.

Back on Your Feet

Back on Your Feet_Looping


ACROSS NEW MEXICO – in the oppressive heat. (00:54) Royalty-Free.

Across New Mexico


BITTER SWEET GOODBYE – might work in a “parting ways” scene or perhaps something else. (1:49) Royalty-Free.

Bitter Sweet Goodbye


DRAMA IN THE CARIBBEAN – Trouble in paradise…oh dear! (1:48) Royalty-Free.

Drama in the Caribbean

Drama in the Caribbean_Looping


INDIAN OCEAN TWILIGHT – As the sun sinks below the horizon and boats quietly bob in port, the night creeps in. (1:49) Royalty-Free.

Indian Ocean Twilight

Indian Ocean Twilight_Looping


ONE NIGHT – Quietly dramatic…a simple guitar/vocal piece. (1:48) Royalty-Free.

One Night


92nd FLOOR – Where it all went down. Based on the style of music, can you guess the reference? (1:51) Royalty-Free.

92nd Floor

92nd Floor_Looping


CHOICES – Would be good for an “alone and having to make a hard choice” scene, a “packing and moving on” scene or maybe something else. (1:15) Royalty-Free.



END OF CHAPTER – A short, bittersweet piano cue. (00:38) Royalty-Free.

End of Chapter