Events/Travel 2

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ROMANTIC LANDS BECKON – Might sound nice in a travel video…or maybe a drone video. Very relaxed and dreamy sounding. (2:01) Royalty-Free.

Romantic Lands Beckon


RIDING THERMALS – With the warm sun on your face…ahhh, what more could you want? (2:46) Royalty-Free.

Riding Thermals


DREAMING AT ALTITUDE – For my drone pilot friends. πŸ™‚ (4:00) Royalty-Free.

Dreaming at Altitude


BREEZY BAY – Cool and mellow feeling, this one might sound nice in a relaxing aerial, boat or vacation video. (2:15) Royalty-Free.

Breezy Bay


OVER ANCIENT WATERS – In some faraway place. (2:35) Royalty-Free.

Over Ancient Waters


OVER A MYSTERIOUS ISLAND – What waits for you below? Another track that might sound nice in a drone video…or perhaps a video about an exotic travel destination. (2:39) Royalty-Free.

Over a Mysterious Island


ICE IN THE SKY – At high altitude. (3:13) Royalty-Free.

Ice in the Sky


SKYWARD BOUND – Not the worst place to lose yourself.Β  πŸ™‚Β  (2:56) Royalty-Free.

Skyward Bound


FLYING OVER LOST WORLDS – Could be nice in a travel or done video over archaeological ruins or other ancient places. (2:36) Royalty-Free.

Flying Over Lost Worlds


NIGHT FLIGHT – Intended for drone videos, but could work in an exotic travel video I’m sure. (2:40) Royalty-Free.

Night Flight


DREAMING OF THERMALS – Another one for my RC and drone pilot friends. πŸ™‚ (2:41) Royalty-Free.

Dreaming of Thermals


FLYING OVER ANCIENT LANDS – I’d love to hear this in a drone video…I’m a big fan! πŸ™‚ (3:03) Royalty-Free.

Flying Over Ancient Lands


CRUISING AT ALTITUDE – Meant for aerial videos but might work nicely in a travel video as well. (2:23) Royalty-Free.

Cruising at Altitude


SERENITY BEFORE FUJI – Might be a good transition piece in a travel video. Could also possibly work under titles. (1:07) Royalty-Free.

Serenity Before Fuji