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MAGICAL GETAWAY – I could really use one of these. (2:43)

Magical Getaway


HYPNOTIC ORIENT –  I’d love to hear this in a travel video. (2:53)

Hypnotic Orient


UNFORGIVING HIMALAYAS – Soaring above jagged peaks. (2:32)

Unforgiving Himalayas


MYSTICAL JOURNEY – Might be nice in a travel video to a faraway place. (2:34)

Mystical Journey


EXOTIC DREAMING – of faraway places. (2:10)

Exotic Dreaming


LEAVING PORT – to places unknown. (1:36)

Leaving Port


CASTING OFF – on a new adventure. Might be nice in a travel video…or even a narrative piece. (2:13)

Casting Off


SPECIAL MOMENT – A sweet, calm little piece that might be nice in a family video or special event. (2:00)

Special Moment


TREKKIN’ ON FOOT – could work in a travel video. (1:16)

Trekkin’ on Foot


EXOTIC CRUISING – might be nice in a travel or vacation video. (1:56)

Exotic Cruising


HAPPY HOUR – at the tiki bar perhaps. (1:42)

Happy Hour


PICNIC BREEZE – over soft grass by the river. (1:39)

Picnic Breeze


TIKI BREEZE – Could work in a vacation video or under a relaxed event. (2:08)

Tiki Breeze


SPECIAL DAY – Might be nice for a birthday video or some other special event. (1:05)

Special Day


GULF BREEZE – There’s nothing like those Gulf Coast Beaches. Wish I were there right now. (2:22)

Gulf Breeze


SPECIAL TIME – might be nice in a wedding video or some other special event. (1:36)

Special Time


SCULPTURE GARDEN – A string piece with the suggestion of gently bubbling fountains. Might be nice for a classy outdoor event. (1:45)

Sculpture Garden


PRIDE_V002 – A short string piece that could work perhaps in a commercial, corporate presentation, or maybe something else. A work in progress, but if you can use it for something, then be my guest. (00:54)