Fantasy 2

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EERIE TECHO GAME OPEN – Maybe for something that combines technology and Gothic horror? Could be interesting. (2:17)  Royalty-Free.

Eerie Techno Game Open

Eerie Techno Game Open_Looping


REALM OF FANTASY – Could be used in a fantasy game, puzzle game, or maybe in a quiet, meditative moment in a film. (1:44)  Royalty-Free.

Realm of Fantasy

Realm of Fantasy_Looping


TICK TOCK GAME – Fun little piece that could work in a “racing-against-the-clock” kind of game. (1:05)  Royalty-Free.

Tick Tock Game

Tick Tock Game_Looping


DRAGON MYSTERY – For a game intro or menu sequence. Has a retro-80’s feel. (1:17)  Royalty-Free.

Dragon Mystery

Dragon Mystery_Looping


DREAMY GAME INTRO – Could be used for menus as well. (1:54)  Royalty-Free.

Dreamy Game Intro

Dreamy Game Intro_Looping


MECH GAME MENU – Could work in a dark sci-fi/fantasy game or video. (1:00)  Royalty-Free.

Mech Game Menu

Mech Game Menu_Looping


THE ROCKIN’ MONSTERS GAME MENU – Definitely one of my favorite titles for a piece…(right up there with “Invasion of the Giant Disco Ants”)…but I’m sure someone thought of it before I did. Anyway, could work for a title sequence as well as menus, etc. (1:23)  Royalty-Free.

Rockin Monsters Game Menu

Rockin’ Monsters Game Menu_Looping


HIGH ALTITUDE STATION – Intended as a piece for a fantasy film, but could work very well in a game, too. Nice and airy feeling. (1:15)  Royalty-Free.

High Altitude Station

High Altitude Station_Looping


STRANGE GAME MENU – Perhaps for a retro fantasy game of some sort…(has a heavy 80’s-ish beat.) Did a couple of variations (scroll down.) Can easily lose the beat if need be. (1:12)  Royalty-Free.

Strange Game Menu

Strange Game Menu_Looping


STRANGE GAME MENU_V001 – A more rezz-y version for an even more retro feel. (1:15)  Royalty-Free.

Strange Game Menu_v001


STRANGE GAME MENU_V002 – A more “sparkly” version. (1:14)  Royalty-Free.

Strange Game Menu_v002


STRANGE GAME MENU_V003 – Super rezz-y…with less emphasis on the beat. (1:13)  Royalty-Free.

Strange Game Menu_v003


TROUBLE IN THE KINGDOM – Things are not good for the Princess as she disguises herself and embarks across the countryside for help. Might work in a fantasy game. I tried to give it a slight sense of urgency. Strings come in at about 00:45. (1:47)  Royalty-Free.

Trouble in the Kingdom

Trouble in the Kingdom_Looping


RPG INTRO – That’s “Role Playing Game” (I just found that out recently.) Anyway, this is a title/intro piece that could be used in a role playing game, fantasy game or perhaps something else.  (00:58)  Royalty-Free.

RPG Intro_v001

RPG Intro_v001_Looping


OCEAN GAME TITLE – Could be used in a fantasy quest game of some kind. Brings to mind oceanic voyages, hence the title. (1:23)  Royalty-Free.

Ocean Game Title

Ocean Game Title_Looping


PROFOUND DISCOVERY – For one of those moments in which we realize that “the frog was really the prince all along.” Could work nicely in a fantasy piece…like a film or a game. (00:51)  Royalty-Free.

Profound Discovery


DYSTOPIAN GAME OPEN – Might work under a title screen sequence, menus or instructions. (1:06)  Royalty-Free.

Dystopian Game Open

Dystopian Game Open_Looping


PUZZLE GAME 2 – Or maybe could be used in a fantasy game. (3:58)  Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Game 2

Puzzle Game 2_Looping


HORROR GAME MENU – Or perhaps for a title/end sequence. (1:08)  Royalty-Free.

Horror Game Menu

Horror Game Menu_Looping


SKY GAME MENU – Could be looped and used for a fantasy game of some kind, maybe under the instructions or the credits. (2:07)  Royalty-Free.

Sky Game Menu

Sky Game Menu_Looping