Fantasy 3

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IMPORTANT: You must properly attribute me in order to use my music legally. Please see my homepage for attribution information.

FOG LANDS – Intended as a loop-able piece for an RPG game, but might work in other things as well. (00:32) Royalty-Free.

Fog Lands



THE MAGIC BOX – Might work under a game menu or transition. (00:53)  Royalty-Free.

The Magic Box

The Magic Box_Looping


LEFT BEHIND – A sad little RPG piece. Could be used for other things I’m sure. (1:49)  Royalty-Free.

Left Behind

Left Behind_Looping


DIGITAL CLOUDS – Dreamy and hypnotic, might work in a fantasy game or app. (1:55)  Royalty-Free.

Digital Clouds

Digital Clouds_Looping


NETHERPLACE – Another RPG theme. (1:37)  Royalty-Free.




THE VILLAGE – An RPG piece, could also work as field music or other things I’m sure. (1:33)  Royalty-Free.

The Village

The Village_Looping


DREAMLANDS – An expanded version of another piece I did which I can’t seem to remember the name of. Anyway, could be nice in a fantasy game. (2:02)  Royalty-Free.



CRAZY CANDY HIGHWAY – I imagine this in some kind of wild driving game where everyone on the road has had way too much sugar. Could be looped or easily expanded. (1:34)  Royalty-Free.

Crazy Candy Highway

Crazy Candy Highway_Looping


RPG MAP MUSIC – Intended to play under map screens in role playing games, but could probably be used for other parts, too, like instructions, etc. (1:17)  Royalty-Free.

RPG Map Music


UBERSPLAT – Might work for a quirky fantasy game. (2:50)  Royalty-Free.




RPG THEME – Hey, I’m new at the RPG stuff…but I’ll get there one of these days…hopefully… lol. (1:30)  Royalty-Free.

RPG Theme


SECRET JOURNEY – Through the countryside, by horse drawn carriage under moonlight. Might work in a medieval period game…or maybe something else. (2:24)  Royalty-Free.

Secret Journey

Secret Journey_Looping


STRANGE SHOP – Full of bizarre and mysterious things. What will you find? …Could work in an RPG or some other kind of game. Can easily be expanded if need be. 🙂 (1:35)  Royalty-Free.

Strange Shop

Strange Shop_Looping


A SEA OF JEWELS – Finding the secret chamber full of glistening jewels. (A work in progress, but if you can use it, please do.) (1:06)  Royalty-Free.

A Sea of Jewels


THE CASTLE BEYOND THE FOREST – You reach the edge of the forest to discover a dark, seemingly abandoned castle. Do you venture inside? Of course you do! (Could work well with the two tracks just below this one…intended for RPGs.) (1:32)  Royalty-Free.

The Castle Beyond the Forest

The Castle Beyond the Forest_Looping


MYSTERIOUS TRAIL – Could go well with “The Forgotten Forest” (just below this track. ) Another piece intended for RPGs, but could be used for other things I’m sure. (1:41)  Royalty-Free.

Mysterious Trail


THE FORGOTTEN FOREST – I’ve received some requests for more RPG music, so here’s a track that might be useful. Might also work in a fantasy game or maybe something else. (1:58)  Royalty-Free.

The Forgotten Forest


TECHNO INTRIGUE – Could work under a game title screen or menu. (1:18)  Royalty-Free.

Techno Intrigue


EVIL TECHNOLOGY GAME MENU – Dark, dark, dark. Lose the tech-sounding part and it could be “Evil Mountain Game Menu.” (2:04)  Royalty-Free.

Evil Technology Game Menu

Evil Technology Game Menu_Looping


SMOKY SKY – Could work in a futuristic, dystopic game. (1:45)  Royalty-Free.

Smoky Sky

Smoky Sky_Looping