Looping Rhythms

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Short, looping rhythms that might work for games and apps.


ACTION RHYTHM 1 – Might work in a crime or caper-style game.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 1


ACTION RHYTHM 2 – A bit more quirky than the previous one. Might work in something very strange and quirky.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 2


ACTION RHYTHM 3 – Could work in an urban game…or maybe something else.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 3


ACTION RHYTHM 4 – Sort of a mix of urban and tribal…I’d be interested to see if someone can find a use for it.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 4


ACTION RHYTHM 5 – Heavy and mechanical feeling…might work for street fighting.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 5


ACTION RHYTHM 6 – Another heavy-sounding rhythm that might work for fighting.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 6


ACTION RHYTHM 7 – Might sound cool under a chase.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 7


ACTION RHYTHM 8 – Another street fighting kind of rhythm.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 8


ACTION RHYTHM 9 – And another one with a cymbal to heighten the sense of urgency.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 9


ACTION RHYTHM 10 – One more.  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 10


ACTION RHYTHM 11 – Slightly less “heavy.”  Royalty-Free.

Action Rhythm 11


CREEPY RHYTHM 1 – Might be cool in an urban-based horror game.  Royalty-Free.

Creepy Rhythm 1


CREEPY RHYTHM 2 – Might work in an urban game…or something slightly bizarre and off kilter.  Royalty-Free.

Creepy Rhythm 2


CREEPY RHYTHM 3 – Definitely has that “creepy clock shop” sound.  Could perhaps work in something where time plays an important part.  Royalty-Free.

Creepy Rhythm 3


CREEPY RHYTHM 4 – This one reminds me of old pipes in decaying buildings…but it might also work in a creepy island-themed game.  Royalty-Free.

Creepy Rhythm 4


CREEPY RHYTHM 5 – A variation of Creepy Rhythm 4.  Royalty-Free.

Creepy Rhythm 5


QUIRKY RHYTHM 1 – Has a kind of mocking tone to it. Could be funny in a game that makes fun of a character at some point.   Royalty-Free.

Quirky Rhythm 1


QUIRKY RHYTHM 2 – Strange synthesized vocal punctuation at the end of each phrase gives this a weird feel.   Royalty-Free.

Quirky Rhythm 2


QUIRKY RHYTHM 3 – Might work in a rap or hip hop-based game.  Royalty-Free.

Quirky Rhythm 3


QUIRKY RHYTHM 4 – Another weird one. I might try to make an entire piece based on this one.  Royalty-Free.

Quirky Rhythm 4


QUIRKY RHYTHM 5 – This one has a slight 1970’s feel to it.  Royalty-Free.

Quirky Rhythm 5


QUIRKY RHYTHM 6 – Might work where a pulsating rhythm is needed.  Royalty-Free.

Quirky Rhythm 6