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MAGICAL DAY – Could work for a graduation video, a wedding or perhaps a scene celebrating a milestone. (1:53) Royalty-Free.

Magical Day


BETTER DAYS AHEAD – (Looping) – Maybe in a visual novel? This piece can easily be expanded if need be. πŸ™‚ (:32) Royalty-Free.

Better Days Ahead


BOARDWALK ARCADE – (Looping) Brings to mind images of cotton candy and cheap plastic prizes. Might be useful in a app of some kind. (:55) Royalty-Free.

Boardwalk Arcade


A CITY FOR ALL MANKIND – Perhaps one day people will finally learn to get along. (2:04) Royalty-Free.

A City for All Mankind


PELICAN BAY TIKI PARTY – A fun tropical piece. (2:02)Β  Royalty-Free.

Pelican Bay Tiki Party

Pelican Bay Tiki Party_Looping


YOUNG HEROES – To all the courageous kids out there. (2:02)Β  Royalty-Free.

Young Heroes


DANCING ON CLOUDS – an upbeat techno piece…might work in a celebration video. (2:42)Β  Royalty-Free.

Dancing on Clouds

Dancing on Clouds_Looping


PELICAN BAY – Could work as a nice intro piece for a travel/vacation video or possibly to transition from one scene to another. (00:58)Β  Royalty-Free.

Pelican Bay


SPECIAL DAY – Might be nice for a birthday video or some other special event. (1:05)Β  Royalty-Free.

Special Day


ONE WORLD – It’s actually a variation of “Blue World” from the Nature/Science page, but with more of a “world” kind of feel. Could work under the closing credits to something. (1:20)Β  Royalty-Free.

One World


GULF BREEZE – There’s nothing like those Gulf Coast Beaches. Wish I were there right now. (2:22)Β  Royalty-Free.

Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze_Looping


CALMER TIMES – Nice, simple “everything’s going to be okay” piece. (1:26)Β  Royalty-Free.

Calmer Times

Calmer Times_Looping


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