Puzzle Music 3

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POWER PUZZLE – (Looping) – For a more intense puzzle game…or maybe something else. (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Power Puzzle


DRIFTING THINGS – (Looping) – A dreamy, float-y piece with a contemporary vibe. Might work nicely in a relaxing puzzle or matching game. (1:00) Royalty-Free.

Drifting Things


WIND UP THINGS – (Looping) – A cute little piece that might work in a kid’s game or app. (:56) Royalty-Free.

Wind Up Things


BUBBLE PUZZLE – (Looping) – A companion piece to “Wind Up Things”…maybe for another level of a puzzle game?

Bubble Puzzle


FUTURE PUZZLER – (Looping) – Could be used for other things as well I’m sure. (:50) Royalty-Free.

Future Puzzler


THE SNOW GLOBE – (Looping) – Might sound nice in a winter-themed game. (1:36) Royalty-Free.

The Snow Globe