Puzzle Music

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BUBBLE GUM PUZZLER – (LOOPING) – Maybe for a “jumping around” kind of puzzle game? (1:09) Royalty-Free.

Bubble Gum Puzzler


BUBBLE GUM PUZZLER 2 – (LOOPING) – More variety in this version. Maybe for a “jumping around” kind of puzzle game? (1:09) Royalty-Free.

Bubble Gum Puzzler 2


COOL PUZZLER – (LOOPING) – Maybe for a mellow, laid back puzzle game with a slightly funky vibe. (00:56)

Cool Puzzler


MIND BENDER – (LOOPING) – Might work in a faster-paced puzzle game. (1:07) Royalty-Free.

Mind Bender


SKY PUZZLE – (LOOPING) – Another track that might work in a faster-paced puzzle game…or maybe something else. Uses one of my favorite “puzzle chord progressions.” (1:15) Royalty-Free.

Sky Puzzle


HYPNOTIC PUZZLE – (Looping) – Could add a dreamy kind of vibe to a game. (Three variations right below.) (:24) Royalty-Free.

Hypnotic Puzzle


HYPNOTIC PUZZLE 2 – (Looping) – (:24) Royalty-Free.

Hypnotic Puzzle 2


HYPNOTIC PUZZLE 3 – (Looping) – (:24) Royalty-Free.

Hypnotic Puzzle 3


HYPNOTIC PUZZLE 4 – (Looping) – (:24) Royalty-Free.

Hypnotic Puzzle 4


PUZZLE DREAMS – (Looping) – A contemporary-sounding piece that won’t get in the way of sound effects. Might be nice in a upbeat, non-combative game with lots of motion in it. (:46) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Dreams


PUZZLE DREAMS 2 – (Looping) – Edgier and more mysterious sounding than “Puzzle Dreams.” Another contemporary-sounding piece that shouldn’t get in the way of sound effects. (1:04) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Dreams 2


PUZZLE DREAMS 3 – (Looping) – Has a more humorous and quirky vibe, but technological at the same time. “Techno-quirk?” I dunno. (:58) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Dreams 3


PUZZLE GAME – (Standard and Looping) – Might work in a puzzle game, fantasy game, animation or something I haven’t even thought of. (2:51) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game_Looping


PUZZLE GAME 2 – (Standard and Looping) – Maybe could be used in a fantasy game. (3:58) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Game 2

Puzzle Game 2_Looping


PUZZLE GAME 3 – (Standard and Looping) – A relaxing, hypnotic piece that might work in a puzzle game…or maybe something else. (2:31) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Game 3

Puzzle Game 3_Looping


PUZZLE GAME 5 – (Standard and Looping) – Might work under a title / instructions menu. (1:38) Royalty-Free.

Puzzle Game 5

Puzzle Game 5_Looping


MYSTERIOUS PUZZLE – (Standard) – Can you solve it? πŸ˜‰ Might be good as game menu music or maybe something else. (1:40) Royalty-Free.

Mysterious Puzzle


DREAMING IN PUZZLES – (Standard and Looping) – might work in a puzzle or fantasy game. (2:11) Royalty-Free.

Dreaming in Puzzles

Dreaming in Puzzles_Looping


8-BIT PUZZLER – (Looping) Perhaps for when a player has to figure out something. Royalty-Free

8-Bit Puzzler