Sci-Fi 2

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SECTOR OFF LIMITS – Somewhere in a dystopic city that never sees the sun… (3:03)  Royalty-Free.

Sector Off Limits

Sector Off Limits_Looping


DYSTOPIC FACTORY– What are they making? I’m not sure I want to know. (2:16)  Royalty-Free.

Dystopic Factory

Dystopic Factory_Looping


RESTRICTED ZONE – “This area is closed to ground traffic because…” (you add the rest.) Might work in a dystopic game or film. (1:46)  Royalty-Free.

Restricted Zone

Restricted Zone_Looping


TERRAFORMING BEGINS – Somewhere on a dusty, hostile world, humans begin the centuries-long process of transforming it into a place habitable to their kind. (1:03)  Royalty-Free.

Terraforming Begins

Terraforming Begins_Looping


COSMIC SWITCHBOARD – Sometime in the future, digital chatter fills the solar system as humanity begins to settle this new frontier. (1:35)  Royalty-Free.

Cosmic Switchboard

Cosmic Switchboard_Looping


SEWER MONSTERS – Another throwback to bad 50’s movies. Could be fun in a satire…or perhaps in a game. (2:30)  Royalty-Free.

Sewer Monsters

Sewer Monsters_Looping


LOST FOREVER – As one technological species grew to power, countless others fell to extinction and were lost forever. (1:19)  Royalty-Free.

Lost Forever


CYBER SIN CITY – What kinds of sins will cyber beings commit? (2:05)  Royalty-Free.

Cyber Sin City


STARLIGHT – Nice, mellow and dreamy…like planetarium music. Could work in a space documentary or maybe in a game. (1:24)  Royalty-Free.


Star Light_Looping


CYBER STREETS – In a neon jungle. (2:05)  Royalty-Free.

Cyber Streets

Cyber Streets_Looping


DYSTOPIC TECHNOLOGY – A strange, sound-design kind of track meant to play behind some kind of technological mayhem…probably in a game. (1:42)  Royalty-Free.

Dystopic Technology

Dystopic Technology_Looping


FAR AWAY TECHNOLOGY – As in “far in the future”…or maybe not so far? Could work in a sci-fi game under an urban setting…or maybe in something else. (2:14)  Royalty-Free.

Far Away Technology

Far Away Technology_Looping


FUTURE URBAN – Could perhaps work in a dystopic sci-fi game. Slightly clunky feeling, as though the mega-populated city keeps chugging along, but can’t quite “get out of its own way.” (2:22)  Royalty-Free.

Future Urban


DYSTOPIA CONTINUES – A futuristic, slightly broken-sounding piece reflecting a broken world. Starts out slowly…then picks up at :57. (2:18)  Royalty-Free.

Dystopia Continues


DYSTOPIC DREAMSCAPE – After annihilating all carbon-based life forms, the machines run amok and rule the new wasteland…their utopia. (Or maybe something completely different…who knows?) Might work in a game or sci-fi piece of some kind. (2:06)  Royalty-Free.

Dystopic Dreamscape


MACHINE MADNESS – Depicts some kind of humorous mechanized mayhem…could be fun in a game. (1:37)  Royalty-Free.

Machine Madness

Machine Madness_Looping


SCI-FI CLOSE – Could possibly work under the closing credits of a dystopic sci-fi show or game. (1:46)  Royalty-Free.

Sci-Fi Close


INTROSPECTIVE MACHINES – Will it happen one day? If it does, the implications are truly profound (and the world will never be the same.) (1:13)  Royalty-Free.

Introspective Machines


TITAN POWER PLANT – An eerie, droning soundscape depicting an underground power generator. Could be cool in a game or a film. (2:37)  Royalty-Free.

Titan Powerplant


SCI-FI OPEN – High energy piece for a show open or maybe a game title sequence. (00:57)  Royalty-Free.

Sci-Fi Open

Sci-Fi Open_Looping