Sci-Fi 4

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EVIL AUTOMATION – (LOOPING) – Could work on its own or be a companion piece to “Saturn Power Plant.” (1:14)

Evil Automation


SCI-FI OPEN 2 – This piece is meant to be a companion to “Sci-Fi Close 2.” Could possibly work in a title or intro sequence. (1:07)

Sci-Fi Open 2


MURDER IN THE OUTER COLONIES – Might sound cool in a futuristic space/detective game. (2:01)

Murder in the Outer Colonies


SEWER CREEPERS – If your town has a sewer system, it has monsters lurking under it. That’s common knowledge. (1:14)

Sewer Creepers


SEWER CREEPERS_V001 – A slightly darker version. (1:21)

Sewer Creepers_v001


SEWER CREEPERS_V002 – Another variation. (1:16)

Sewer Creepers_v002


SCI-FI RPG INTRO – Based on another theme I did…I thought this might make a nice intro for a space-based RPG game. (1:19)

Sci-Fi RPG Intro


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – in a dystopic urban jungle…or perhaps somewhere else. (1:03)

Mission Accomplished


GRUNGE BOT – It quietly wanders the pulsating streets all night, not really sure what it should be doing now. Strangely, under the pale moonlight, it senses its distant origins. (2:11)

Grunge Bot


ONCE AROUND THE SOLAR SYSTEM – Maybe gleefully riding on a comet? (2:25)

Once Around the Solar System

Once Around the Solar System_Looping


SATURN POWER PLANT – Chugging away, serving the Saturn System. Could sound cool on a sci-fi game. (1:04)

Saturn Power Plant

Saturn Powerplant_Looping


SHUT DOWN – Weeks from the nearest colony, disaster has struck the isolated outpost and its systems are shutting themselves down. (1:09)

Shut Down


SOLAR STORM – Okay, solar storms don’t really sound like this, but I think this soundscape might sound cool in a game or video. Perhaps a windy atmosphere high above some alien world. (00:59)

Solar Storm

Solar Storm_Looping


BREAK DOWN – in a future machine world? (1:54)

Break Down


COUNTDOWN – to environmental disaster? Or maybe something else? (2:11)



REBUILDING THEMSELVES – Somewhere beneath the rubble, the machine-beings repair each other and begin to rebuild their society. (1:36)

Rebuilding Themselves

Rebuilding Themselves_Looping


THE TOY FACTORY – One day intelligent machines may build humans for their amusement. Hopefully they will find us amusing. (1:35)

The Toy Factory


BUILDING ITSELF – Perhaps in the future, cities will be able to construct themselves. Won’t that be interesting? (1:37)

Building Itself