Sci-Fi 5

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CYBER CITY NIGHTS – Where all kinds of dangers await you. This one starts with a short intro and then takes off at 25 seconds. (2:13) Royalty-Free.

Cyber City Nights


ALIEN SKIES – (LOOPING) – Maybe useful in a sci-fi game where the player is building things or doing non-combative things. (:56) Royalty-Free.

Alien Skies


SPACE MONSTERS WITH EXTRA CHEESE – (LOOPING) – More schlocky drive-in style monster music. (00:37) Royalty-Free.

Space Monsters with Extra Cheese


70’s MOONBASE (Looping) – Reminds me of those old 70s sci-fi shows. (1:03) Royalty-Free.

70s Moon Base


ROBO ZOMBIES! (Looping) Run for your lives! Okay, they don’t sound very threatening…maybe useful in a funny robo-zombie game? (:42) Royalty-Free.

Robo Zombies!


FOURTH SECTOR (Looping) – In a dystopian city. Not sure I’d want to visit there. Might sound cool in a sci-fi game, though. (:44) Royalty-Free.

Fourth Sector


DRIFTING OFF – In the far future, perhaps this is what machine-beings will feel like as they quietly shut down for the day to recharge. (2:24) Royalty-Free.

Drifting Off


SKY ELEVATOR – (LOOPING) – A.K.A. the Space Elevator (as imagined by Arthur C. Clarke)…but I think this piece sounds more “sky-ish” than “space-ish.” Anyhow, it might work under titles or menus in a sci-fi or fantasy game. (:26) Royalty-Free.

Sky Elevator


THE MARCH OF THE BROKEN ROBOTS – (LOOPING) – On their way to maintenance? Or to see their maker? I don’t know, but they don’t sound very happy. (:53) Royalty-Free.

The March of the Broken Robots


MONSTERS ON BOARD (1-3)_LOOPING – Might work for 3 levels in a game or app. Can add more if anyone finds them useful. (:30) Royalty-Free.

Monsters on Board

MONSTERS ON BOARD 2 (:35) Royalty-Free.

Monsters on Board 2

MONSTER ON BOARD 3 (00:35) Royalty-Free.

Monsters on Board 3


DEFENDING THEIR CITY – The otherwise peaceful machine-beings had to defend their city against the hostile carbon-based life forms. So typical! (2:12) Royalty-Free.

Defending Their City


CYBER TEEN – Cruising the streets of a technological jungle, looking for trouble. (1:50) Royalty-Free.

Cyber Teen


SKY RUNNER – Atop mile-high skyscrapers in a futuristic city. I think this piece could work well under game play without getting in the way of sound effects and other sounds. (3:17) Royalty-Free.

Sky Runner

Sky Runner_Looping


MORE INTROSPECTIVE MACHINES – Perhaps wondering about their origins. (2:11)  Royalty-Free.

More Introspective Machines

More Introspective Machines_Looping


SPACE GAME INTRO – A short piece that conveys a sense of awesome distances…and serenity. (:52)  Royalty-Free.

Space Game Intro


CYBER DYSTOPIA – Another nightmare-ish 80’s cyber piece. Sounds like a truly awful place. At least it doesn’t last very long. (:48)  Royalty-Free.

Cyber Dystopia

Cyber Dystopia_Looping


ALIEN VISTAS – A hypnotic-sounding piece that could depict strange but beautiful alien worlds. (1:27)  Royalty-Free.

Alien Vistas

Alien Vistas_Looping


A LONG JOURNEY FOR A LITTLE BOT – Across some faraway place. (1:50)  Royalty-Free.

A Long Journey for a Little Bot