Sci-Fi 6

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FUTURE CITY LIFE – (Looping) – Maybe, with a little luck, technology-driven life will feel something like this. Anyhow, this piece might be nice in an upbeat sci-fi game. Might also work with “Future Sim City Intro” (below.)  (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Future City Life


END OF LIFE FOR A MACHINE-BEING – As it slowly loses consciousness and shuts down. (1:32) Royalty-Free.

End of Life for a Machine-Being


FUTURE CITY SIM INTRO – (Looping) – For a bustling city of tomorrow perhaps? (:40) Royalty-Free.

Future City Sim Intro


MECH MONSTERS CLOSING IN – (Looping) – Making their way across a futuristic city. (2:12) Royalty-Free.

Mech Monsters Closing In


DARK FUTURE THEME – (Looping) – Another one that might work in a dystopic sci-fi game. (:56) Royalty-Free.

Dark Future Theme


DARK FUTURE FACTORY – (Looping) – Where they make who knows what? (:47)

Dark Future Factory


OMINOUS SCI-FI MENU – (Looping) As in menu screens for a sci-fi game…not “what’s on the menu” in a scary sci-fi restaurant…although that might make an interesting track…haha. (:33) Royalty-Free.

Ominous Sci-Fi Menu