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This page contains cool sci-fi music and soundscapes as well as retro 50’s bad drive-in movie stuff.

THEY’RE HERE – Could work in an alien/monster/robot invasion scene…or for something ominously approaching. (1:59)  Royalty-Free.

They’re Here

They’re Here_Looping


URBAN JUNGLE 2061 – Depicts a busy futuristic city. Could work in a sci-fi piece, game, etc. Could also be used to depict technology in a documentary. Or something else you can imagine. (1:24)  Royalty-Free.

Urban Jungle 2061

Urban Jungle 2061_Looping


FACTORY ON MERCURY – Automated, off-world industry on blazing hot Mercury. (1:08)  Royalty-Free.

Factory On Mercury

Factory on Mercury_Looping


DARK TECHNO CITY – Rusty, dystopian technology for as far as the eye can see. (1:10)  Royalty-Free.

Dark Techno City

Dark Techno City_Looping


LIGHT YEARS_V001 – An expanded version of the original. (1:40)  Royalty-Free.

Light Years_v001

Light Years_v001_Looping


COLD MOON – Lonely and desolate. (1:00)  Royalty-Free.

Cold Moon


TROUBLE ON MERCURY – Millions of miles from Earth, automated rovers scour the surface of the barren, baked planet, searching for survivors of the accident. (Or maybe something else entirely.)  (1:32)  Royalty-Free.

Trouble On Mercury

Trouble on Mercury_Looping


RETRO SCI-FI PLANET – 1960’s style soundscape. (1:02)  Royalty-Free.

Retro Sci-Fi Planet

Retro Sci-Fi Planet_Looping


STEAMTECH MAYHEM – Quiet, frantic, wispy techno piece. (1:32)  Royalty-Free.

Steamtech Mayhem


ERRIE CYBER WORLD – Could work as a transitional piece to underscore traveling from one sci-fi setting to another. (00:29)  Royalty-Free.

Eerie Cyber World

Eerie Cyber World_Looping


NIGHT WINDS – Another traveling piece. Could also reflect a character’s inner mind. (1:18)  Royalty-Free.

Night Winds

Night Winds_Looping


BLAZING STARS – Depicts a myriad of stars brilliantly blazing in all their glory. Could be used in an astronomy show, documentary, etc. (2:12)  Royalty-Free.

Blazing Stars


MIDNIGHT CRAWLERS – Retro 1950’s sci-fi schlock. They’re oozing after you! Great for satire. (1:02)  Royalty-Free.

Midnight Crawlers

Midnight Crawlers_Looping


CREATURE FROM THE CRACK LAGOON – More retro 1950’s sci-fi schlock. Great for satire. (1:42)  Royalty-Free.

Creature From the Crack Lagoon

Creature from the Crack Lagoon_Looping


THE CREEPING BLOB – More retro 1950’s sci-fi schlock. Great for satire. (1:00)  Royalty-Free.

The Creeping Blob

The Creeping Blob_Looping


SECURITY BREACH – An eerie, futuristic siren behind quietly ominous music underscores an escape attempt at some kind of dystopic facility. (1:00)  Royalty-Free.

Security Breach

Security Breach_Looping


THE DARKNESS BELOW – A foreboding soundscape that could be used for all kinds of awful things. (1:40)  Royalty-Free.

The Darkness Below

The Darkness Below_Looping


DIZZYBOT – Retro 80’s sci-fi cue depicting disorientation, confusion or maybe some kind of strange realization. (00:57)  Royalty-Free.




INFORMATION SHUTDOWN – Everything is reduced to 1’s and 0’s and then ultimately nothing. Could work in a dystopian piece of some kind. (00:58)  Royalty-Free.

Information Shutdown


WORLD OF AUTOMATONS – Is this the way we’re heading? I sure hope not. (00:51)  Royalty-Free.

World of Automatons

World of Automatons_Looping


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