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CREEPY MECH DRONE (LOOPING) – Maybe from a spacecraft or the inner workings of a dystopic city.

Creepy Mech Drone

CREEPY MECH DRONE_v001 (LOOPING) – A more surreal-sounding version.

Creepy Mech Drone_v001


DYSTOPIC CITY ECHO – To me, it’s very much an urban, deserted-streets-at-night kind of feel. I would love to hear this in an urban-based game or video. (:18)

Dystopic City Echno

DYSTOPIC CITY DRONE (LOOPING) – A droning version of above…more city at night atmosphere. (:05)

Dystopic City Drone


ALIEN ATMOSPHERE – Perhaps early in its life, being bombarded from space. (00:24)

Alien Atmosphere

Alien Atmosphere_Looping

ALIEN ATMOSPHERE 2 (LOOPING) – Perhaps higher up? (:16)

Alien Atmosphere 2_Looping



Alien Wind


ALIEN SWAMP 2 – Another place I wouldn’t want to visit. If Kirk tells you he’s been there, he’s full of crap. (1:36)

Alien Swamp 2


ALIEN SWAMP – Even Kirk won’t set foot in this place…haha. (1:04)

Alien Swamp


REZ DRONE 1 – A repeating sweeping electronic hum that might sound cool as ambience in a Sci-Fi game.

Rez Drone 1

Rez Drone 1_Looping


QUIET DREAD – A variation with a subtle pulsating undercurrent that might suggest something industrial that’s gone wrong. (1:03)

Quiet Dread

Quiet Dread_Looping


MELT DOWN – An distant danger alert.  (1:00)

Melt Down

Melt Down_Looping



Undersea Powerplant

MECHANICAL DRONE SOUNDS – (LOOPING) – Could be used as spacecraft engine hum or something else I’m sure.

Mech Drone 1

Mech Drone 2

Mech Drone 3

Mech Drone 4

Mech Drone 5

Mech Drone 6

Mech Drone 7

Mech Drone 8

Mech Drone 9

Mech Drone 10

Mech Drone 11

Mech Drone 12

Mech Drone 13

Mech Drone 14

Mech Drone 15

Mech Drone 16

Mech Drone 17

Mech Drone 18

Mech Drone 19

Mech Drone 20

Mech Drone 21

Mech Drone 22

Mech Drone 23

Mech Drone 24

Mech Drone 25

Mech Drone 26