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FUTURE CITY LIFE – (Looping) – Maybe, with a little luck, technology-driven life will feel something like this. (1:16) Royalty-Free.

Future City Life


FROM THE SAND TO THE STARS – Now if we could all just get along… (1:53) Royalty-Free.

From the Sand to the Stars


INTRIGUING FUTURE – What will it be like? (2:40)  Royalty-Free.

Intriguing Future

Intriguing Future_Looping


DIGITALLY DAZED – I really feel like this sometimes.  :-/  (2:35)  Royalty-Free.

Digitally Dazed


INDUSTRIES IN ORBIT – I can hardly wait! (2:08)  Royalty-Free.

Industries in Orbit


LITTLE SPACE PROBE…VERY BIG JOURNEY – Might work in a corporate piece or perhaps a sci-fi game. (1:48)  Royalty-Free.

Little Space Probe…Very Big Journey


FUTURE BUSINESS – Could work in a corporate piece…or maybe something else involving technology. (1:32)  Royalty-Free.

Future Business

Future Business_Looping


OMINOUS TECHNOLOGY – Or perhaps those using it? (1:15)  Royalty-Free.

Ominous Technology


FUTURE GRID – Will you be on it? (1:44)  Royalty-Free.

Fututre Grid

Future Grid_Looping


SWITCH ON – when machines begin to think perhaps? (1:32)  Royalty-Free.

Switch On

Switch On_Looping


FRIENDLY MACHINES – that will make our lives better. (1:45)  Royalty-Free.

Friendly Machines


DANCE OF THE SATELLITES – At 200 miles up. (1:34)  Royalty-Free.

Dance of the Satellites


YOUNG VISIONARIES – Might work nicely in a presentation or montage video. (1:41)  Royalty-Free.

Young Visionaries


CITY OF TOMORROW – Bustling and busy as ever. (2:11)  Royalty-Free.

City of Tomorrow


DIGITAL SUNSET – I wonder if digital beings of the future will find inner peace watching digital sunsets. (1:44)  Royalty-Free.

Digital Sunset


THE TRIUMPH OF TECHNOLOGY_v001 – Set to a techno beat. (2:28)  Royalty-Free.

The Triumph of Technology_v001


RUNAWAY DEVELOPMENT – Could work in a sped up time-lapse video. (2:23)  Royalty-Free.

Runaway Development


DIGITAL REALITY – Will it take over our lives? Dreamy, but with ominous undertones, this piece expresses my mixed feelings about the digital world. (1:43)  Royalty-Free.

Digital Reality


OCEAN TECHNOLOGY – What will it be? (1:57)  Royalty-Free.

Ocean Technology


INFOSCAPE – Meant for corporate presentations, could also work in a technology-based game. (2:27)  Royalty-Free.



NETWORK – Might work under a presentation or in a corporate technology-based scene of some sort. (1:42)  Royalty-Free.



TECHNOSCAPE – Could work in a high-tech corporate piece or perhaps a game about technology. (1:39)  Royalty-Free.



CORPORATE ESPIONAGE – Might work in a futuristic game involving breaking into some corporate facility in order to steal who knows what. Sort of weird, but gets better at 1:20. (2:18)  Royalty-Free.

Corporate Espionage


RETRO 80’S TECHNOLOGY – Fun, over-the-top piece that could be used in all kinds of things…like games or a maybe a satire of 80’s action shows. (1:50)  Royalty-Free.

Retro 80’s Technology


BEEPAGE – Cool little piece that could underscore something involving technology, networks, etc. (2:10)  Royalty-Free.



CYBER DREAMS –  Sweeping piece depicting a technological landscape. (2:02)  Royalty-Free.

Cyber Dreams


PROGRESS – Another sweeping piece depicting high technology. (1:05)  Royalty-Free.



TECHNO BLEEPAGE OPEN – Sort of a cyber sunrise feeling. Might work as an open to something. (00:33)  Royalty-Free.

Techno Bleepage Open


CORPORATE LADDER_LONGER – A quiet, 90’s-style corporate technological feel. (1:37)  Royalty-Free.

Corporate Ladder


HIGH TECH CITY – Another piece depicting high technology. (1:04)  Royalty-Free.

High Tech City


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