TXR – Bark

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To download any given texture image to your computer:

1. Left click on any thumbnail image to display its full-size image.

2. Right click on the full-size image and choose β€œsave link as.” Then choose the location on your system.

IMPORTANT: You must properly attribute me in order to use my images legally. Please see my homepage for attribution information.

STANDARD TEXTURES (Scroll down for seamless ones that you can tile.)

Here are some interesting bark images. They might be cool for texturing wooden objects in forest-themed fantasy games. Feel free to edit, mix with other images, procedural textures, or anything you like.


These images are 2048 by 2048 (or close to it) and tile seamlessly. They might be useful for tree trunks (of course)…maybe for other wooden objects as well. Feel free to edit, mix with other images, procedural textures or anything you like. πŸ™‚

p1000517_seamless p1000553_seamless p1000552_seamless p1000551_seamless p1000525_seamless p1000520_seamless p1000518_seamlessp1020184a_seamless

p1020184_seamless p1020181_seamless p1020180b_seamless p1020180a_seamless p1020180_seamless p1020173_seamless p1020172_seamless p1020167_seamless p1000219_seamless p1000218_seamless p1000217_seamless p1000216_seamless p1000215_seamless p1000214_seamless p1000213_seamless p1000210_seamless p1000209_seamless p1000208_seamless p1000203_seamless p1000201_seamlessp1000199_seamless