TXR – Concrete / Pavement

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To download any given texture image to your computer:

1. Left click on any thumbnail image to display its full-size image.

2. Right click on the full-size image and choose “save link as.” Then choose the location on your system.

IMPORTANT: You must properly attribute me in order to use my images legally. Please see my homepage for attribution information.

STANDARD TEXTURES (Scroll down for seamless ones that you can tile.)

Some moldy concrete images. Might be useful for urban-themed games…or maybe for castle walls and things like that.

Here are some interesting concrete images I came across. Feel free to edit as needed.

p1000696_standard p1000653_standard p1000652_standard p1000651_standard p1000649_standard p1000648_standard p1000647_standard p1000646_standard

I really like these with the green mold. Mold is nasty, but it sure looks cool in images.

p1000644_standard p1000640_standard p1000639_standard p1000638_standard p1000636_standard


All texture images are 2048 by 2048 (or close to it) and tile seamlessly. Feel free to edit, mix with procedural textures (or other images) or do anything you like. 🙂

p1000636_seamless p1000636a_seamless p1000638_seamless

p1000697_seamless p1000696_seamless

p1010050_seamless p1000624_seamlessp1000623_seamlessp1000621_seamlessp1000620_seamlessp1000651_seamlessp1010973_seamless

p1000113_seamless p1000295_seamless p1000304_seamless p1000298_seamless p1000297_seamless p1000296_seamless p1000294_seamless p1000117_seamless p1000115_seamless