TXR – Metal

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To download any given texture image to your computer:

1. Left click on any thumbnail image to display its full-size image.

2. Right click on the full-size image and choose β€œsave link as.” Then choose the location on your system.

STANDARD TEXTURES (Scroll down for seamless ones that you can tile.)

Some fantasy “organic metals”…(would be interesting if there were such a thing.)

Here are some variations and creations from some metal textures I cam across. They might be cool starting points for texturing sci-fi objects in games. Not intended for tiling. Feel free to edit as needed.

p1000506_standard p1000507_standard p1000508_standard p1000509_standard p1000510_standard p1000511_standard p1000544_standard p1000545_standard p1000546_standard p1000547_standard p1000669_standard p1000670_standard p1000671_standard p1000672_standard p1000673_standard p1000674_standard p1000675_standard p1000676_standard p1000677_standard p1000678_standard p1000679_standard p1000680_standard p1000681_standard p1000693_standard

Seamless Textures

All texture images are 2048 by 2048 (or close to it) and tile seamlessly. Feel free to edit, mix with other images, procedural textures or anything you like. πŸ™‚