VID – Nature

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To download the footage to your computer:

1. Click on the Vimeo icon on the bottom right corner of the player…that will take you to the clip on Vimeo.

2. On Vimeo, scroll down to the information under the player.

3. Click on the download button. Choose the image size that you want.

IMPORTANT: You must properly attribute me in order to use my footage legally. Please credit as:

Additional Cinematography

by Eric Matyas

If you cannot attribute me (or wish not to) then you will need to purchase a non-attribution license from me. My non-attribution licenses are $10 per shot. Please contact me at:

Here are some shots that might be useful as backgrounds for nature-themed projects…perhaps under text…

There’s something so cool about sunlight shimmering through leaves. I love how it flares out.

This one was shot with very soft focus and is intended to be a background for text.

Ripples on a lake create a peaceful, hypnotic effect. A couple of ducks briefly pass through shot as well.

Another gentle soft-focus water shot that might be nice under text. Reflections of passing birds can be seen.

Here are some nice sparkly water shots that might be nice behind titles or credits. Purposely shot out of focus to get that bokeh effect.

And a generic water shot that might come in handy. Choppy conditions.